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Achat batteries usagées

Used lead batteries.

Starter batteries, industrial batteries

Every lead waste:

Batteries usagées au plomb

Pipes, cable sheaths, lead from lead, antimony and tin alloy, printing lead, waste from plants that produce batteries or other lead products…

We can make stainless steel skips or pallet boxes that are specific to the battery collection available to you.

Transport is provided by ADR* certified transporters in big skips, multi skips or tautliner, according to the needs.

Traitement de plomb Traitement de plomb Bourg Fidèle Traitement de plomb Ardennes

For more information, do not hesitate to contact our sales or logistics department.

Traitement de plomb 08 Traitement de plomb Champagne-Ardenne

Warning: Cadmium Nickel, Ni Mh and Lithium batteries are not authorized in our plants.

Neither the Cadmium Nickel, Ni Mh and Lithium batteries, nor the battery cells and condensers are authorized in our plants. The « Ni Cd », “Ni Mh”, “LiPo” and “Li-Ion” mentions can help you identify them. Those batteries, as well as the battery cells and condensers, must be directed to adequate and specialized recycling channels.

Here are a few examples to help you identify them:

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