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Metalblanc : an Eco-citizen company

METALBLANC : Une Entreprise Eco-citoyenne

Recycling is at the heart of our activity. It is an eco-friendly process as well as a duty. Recycling is a sustainable solution of the circular economy. It promotes the preservation of natural resources, the long-term protection of the environment and the conservation of the living space for future generations. Our activity of lead producer using accumulators’ recycling plays an undeniable and vital role in the global pattern of protecting the environment. 

For the sake of economic and social ethics, Metal Blanc also has to meet their clients’ expectations while always caring about the safety of their employees and of all the people intervening on the site.

That is why we have now been working for several years with a QHSEE (Quality, Health, Security, Environment, Energy) integrated management system that strictly respects the ISO9001*, OHSAS18001*, ISO14001* and ISO 50001* norms.

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