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Glossary Metalblanc Champagne-Ardenne

ADR (Accord for dangerous goods by road) : European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road

Blood Lead Level : Measure of the amount of lead in the bloodQuantity of lead measured in the blood, expressed in microgram of lead per deciliter of blood.

Channeled Emissions :Gas outflow produced at the chimneys.

Cyclofiltre : The cyclofiltre is commonly used for the products that are difficult to filter and in case of high dust concentration with low density. It has two separation levels: a cyclonic pre-separator and a filtration using pneumatic air.

DREAL : Regional Direction for Environment, Planning and Housing.

ELECTROLYTE : UnAn electrolyte is a chemical substance that is able to convey or conduct an electrical loadelectricity in a solution. The battery electrolyte is made of 80% of demineralized water and 20% of sulfuric acid.

FEDEM : French Federation for Ores, Industrial Minerals and Metals.

Final Waste : According to the French 1992 law, a final waste can be the result of a waste treatment or not, and can not be recycled under the actual technical and economical conditions, particularly by extracting the recyclable part or by reducing its polluting or hazardous character. This definition is specified in every regional plan in effect nowadays.

ISO 9001 : International standard for quality management.

ISO 14001 : International standard for environment management.

ISO 45001 : International standard for Occupational health and safety management systems

ISO 50001 : International standard for energy management.

Landfill Site : It is a garbage dump designed to store final waste and minimize the risks of polluting or contaminating the environment. The Class 1 technical landfill site specializes in the storage of hazardous waste.

LME: London Metal Exchange

OHSAS 18001: International standard for health and workplace safety managementOwen Gauge: System of measurement for the atmospheric fallout (dust/cm2/day)

Piezometer: Untapped drilling device to measure the level and the quality of the groundwater at a given point.

Prefectural Order: Official document issued by the Prefecture (administrative center) that defines and determines the operating conditions of an industrial facilitysite.

QHSE: Quality Health Security and Environment

RegenerationRefining: Adding of additives and/or master alloy to the lead bullion to obtain the desired characteristics.

Saturnism: Chronic lead poisoning (it can only happen when the lead concentration in the blood reaches very high levels)

Scoria: Residual matter from the metallurgical treatment.

SEVESO: The 96/82/CE directive, called the SEVESO directive, is a European directive that obliges the members of the European Union to identify the industrial sites presenting serious accident risks. The high-level SEVESO installations keep high quantities of hazardous substances on site and have to enforce obligations accordingly (a major accident prevention policy, a risk study, a security management system…). Those sites are subject to a rigorous monitoring by the public authorities and have to show transparency towards the public.

Trommel: A Trommel (from the German Trommel) is a rotating sieve used to separate the materials by size

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