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Air quality management Metalblanc France

The metallurgical operations carried out on lead generate noxious fumes and dust. It is necessary to capture them to avoid polluting the air in the workshops and immediate area around the site.

Recyclage de plomb Ardennes

For this purpose, all fumes and dust emissions are captured at source by a vacuum network, treated by an activated carbon system, and then passed through sleeve filters, to remove the odorous elements. Metal Blanc owns 6 sleeve filters, for a total output of 342.000 Nm3/h and a filtering area of 4322 m2, that is to say 2030 filtration sleeves (see the adjacent diagram).

The Cyclofiltre* :

Le cyclo-filtre

This filter, set up in 2011, is at the cutting edge of technologies regarding filtration. It uses a dual system for smoke treatment:

  • the first smoke treatment removes the largest particles with a cyclonic type filter
  • then the second treatment passes the smoke through the fabric elements to eliminate the finest particles.

The combined effectiveness of these two filter types guarantees an optimal air treatment.

The layout and design of this filter allows multi-armed scrapers to ensure a rapid dust removal and preventing the elements from clogging and also a completely air-tight dust outlet which removes any chance of residual dust dispersion.

Function effectiveness monitoring is carried out in three different ways: with temperature a pressure monitors, a maintenance camera and a dust-level measurement probe:

Recyclage de plomb 08
  • The temperature probes and the pressure sensors are located: at the filter inlet, inside the filter and in the purified gas outlet.
  • Two CCTV monitoring systems: one checking the filter element conditions, the other covering the clean air chamber.
  • A dust measurement probe is installed in the outlet to run a final check on the purified gas quality.

If one of these monitors detects a security problem, such as the temperature running too high, an automatic water injection is activated to eliminate any risk of fire.

The air treatment components and monitors benefit from cutting-edge technology, listed as low-energy consumers, allows an efficient and easy use, are easy to use and can be operated locally or remotely.

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