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The battery crushing unit

The battery crushing

The batteries are collected in watertight containers. They are stored in a closed and roofed building on a watertight floor with specific slopes for recovering the liquids, thus avoiding contact with the natural environment.

Directed to the crusher, they first go through a triage station, where they are controlled. The potential non-compliant matters are eliminated and sent to adequate processing centers.


The batteries are then taken to the crusher which is equipped with hydrodynamic separators for separating the different materials found in the batteries:


Recyclage de métaux Bourg Fidèle

Crushed metallics
Composed of metallic lead

Recyclage de métaux Ardennes

Crushed fines or paste
Composed of lead sulfate lead oxide

Recyclage de métaux 08

Crushed polypropylene
From the battery external jackets

Recyclage de métaux Champagne-Ardenne

”Crusher steriles”
IBattery separators


The electrolyte composed of 80% of demineralized water and 20% of sulfuric acid, is also VALORIZED

The unit has an annual processing capacity of about 45.000 tons of used batteries.

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