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The smelting unit Metalblanc Champagne-Ardenne

The next stage of the process consists in extracting the lead from the metallic materials and oxides obtained from the crusher, by melting them with an oxy-gas burner and reducing them chemically by adding reducing agents in rotary furnaces.

The metal obtained is then directed to a refining unit.

The final wastes* of this operation are slags which are sent to a Class 1 hazardous waste Landfill*.

The fumes and gas emitted during the process are transferred via a dry route through a complex sleeve filtration system. This system is made of 6 sleeve filters with a total output of 342.000 Nm3/h, for a filtering area of 4322 m², i.e. 2030 filtration sleeves.

Metal Blanc Champagne-Ardenne