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The health rules in the lead industry have to be strict and we make a point of being “Best of Class”.

That is why the health rules are very important inside the company: in the workplace, the production employees have to follow a specific path when they arrive at the plant, take a break or leave work. Some steps are essential:

  • Passing through the air shower
  • Lavage du visage et des mains
  • Douche en fin de poste

The company provides the workshop staff with specific equipment so that they can work safely. The clothes worn inside the plant are washed on site, in the laundry. The work clothes worn in an exposed environment cannot leave the plant. The water coming out of the laundry (like all waters on site) is treated internally in our water treatment plant and doesn’t go into the public water network. 

The workshops’ air is regularly analyzed to make sure that the protections that are used (half masks, full masks, ventilated masks) meet the needs of each workshop.

Other more occasional analyses, such as sound environment measurement or vibration measurement, are also performed to adapt the equipment, so that the employees can work in the best possible conditions.


Theblood lead level * of the Metal Blanc staff is regularly monitored via blood tests and is still significantly lower than the norms:

  • European norm: 70 µg/dl
  • French norm (since 2006): 40 µg/dl
  • Average for exposed workers (first trimester of 2015): 16.71 µg/dl
  • Desired result: < 15 µg/dl in 2017


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