The refining unit
Metal Blanc Bourg-Fidèle - France

The lead from the furnace is a semi-finished product which must be refined to obtain homogeneous technical, mechanical and chemical characteristics defined by the customer.

The refining is done on liquid metal at a given temperature and the process is split into two main phases:

  • Removal of elements defined as impurities.
  • Retitration* by adding additives and/or parent alloys.

These operations are carried out in 60-ton steel kettle, equipped with fume collecting systems connected to dedicated sleeve filters.

The treatments carried out produce residues and refinery ashes which are entirely recycled inhouse.

Throughout the production, the metal is controlled and analyzed to ensure that it follows the specifications predefined by the client.

The refined metal is retitrated*, and then pumped in the casting machine to be conditioned in the form of ingots or blocks.

The annual production capacity of this workshop is about 25.000 tons.


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